Ray Sheombarsing

Ray Sheombarsing

Former member of:
AI for Oncology Lab


I am a postdoctoral researcher at the radiotherapy department of the NKI. I received a Master’s degree in Mathematics (cum laude) at the VU University Amsterdam in 2013. Afterward, I conducted research at the same university in the field of validated numerics and dynamical systems theory. I obtained a PhD in April 2018 defending the dissertation titled “Validated Chebyshev-based computations for ordinary and partial differential equations”.

My research at the NKI focuses on the development of novel AI-based techniques to solve problems in medical imaging, e.g., in image segmentation and registration. Currently, I am working on the development of deep learning models which faithfully describe specific geometric structures, e.g., contours in (medical) images. My supervisors are Jan-Jakob Sonke and Jonas Teuwen.