AI for Oncology Lab

The AI for Oncology Lab, led by Jonas Teuwen, established in January 2021, is a group of over 20 researchers dedicated to using artificial intelligence in the fight against cancer, determined to contribute to the next wave of advancements in cancer care. Our mission is to leverage AI's transformative power to revolutionize cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Collaboration is our core value; we engage with a multidisciplinary team of clinicians, physicists, biologists, and AI researchers. This integration of knowledge and expertise is central to our approach and is reflected across our broad spectrum of oncology AI research projects.

In partnership with the University of Amsterdam, our ICAI lab for AI for Oncology is a vital link between methodological AI research and its real-world application, benefiting cancer patients and survivors.

Modern AI research requires access to high-performance computing. Our computational facility has over 1000 CPU cores, 80 high-performance GPUs, 7TB of memory, and over 1PB of high-speed storage. To complement these resources, we have access to the SURF Cartesius cluster, which includes additional A100 nodes.

For more information, contact our management assistant Diedie van Dinten or one of our researchers.