Marek Oerlemans

PhD Candidate


Marek is a PhD student at NKI. He has a background in econometrics and mathematics. Marek started a master's in mathematics at TU Delft after he had finished his econometrics studies as he wanted to find out more thoroughly about the different branches of mathematics. During his time at TU Delft, Marek mainly followed courses on numerical analysis and optimization, this is also where he developed an interest in medical imaging and deep learning.

Marek pursues research in the group of Jelle Wesseling and the group of Jonas Teuwen. He is looking to use deep learning techniques for risk and outcome prediction in ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). The main data in this project are histopathology images, but also genomics data, morphological and biological features are used. Some focus of the project is also on the interpretability of the methods and features.