Luuk Balkenende

Luuk Balkenende

Member of:
AI for Oncology Lab


During my Applied Physics studies at the TU Delft, I developed an interest in two research fields, namely Imaging Physics and AI. I want to use, and increase, my knowledge in these two areas to create, improve and implement new technology in health care. What better place can you think of than NKI and its ‘AI for Oncology’ Group? That is why I'm very happy to have started my PhD there under the supervision of Dr. Jonas Teuwen (group leader of ‘AI for Oncology’) and Dr. Ritse Mann (breast radiologist). During this PhD, I aim to optimize breast MRI by personalizing the acquired scan-protocol to the needs of the individual patient. More specifically, I will work on an AI solution for the detection of abnormalities in breast MRI that is so fast that it can run directly on the scanner, presenting potential abnormalities to the technicians, enabling go/no-go decisions during the acquisition.