Ewald Van Dyk

Ewald Van Dyk

Member of:
AI for Oncology Lab


I am a bioinformatician and computational immunologist with a background in electronic engineering and signal processing at the bachelor’s level and classical pattern recognition during my master’s. After completing my master’s degree, I earned my PhD in bioinformatics and computational biology from Delft University while working at the Netherlands Cancer Institute. I then specialized in computational immunology to predict immunogenic neo-antigens in the context of various cancer types at Utrecht University. Finally, I returned to the Netherlands Cancer Institute to study the behaviour and communication between different innate and adaptive immune cells in the systemic landscape of late-stage triple-negative breast cancer.

Currently, I am a postdoctoral fellow and am working on improving neoepitope prediction for the design of both public and personalized cancer vaccines in various cancers. Currently, I am exploring different transformer models for predicting non-canonical open reading frames with and without ribosome profiling data. Ideally, I will harness new long-read DNA/RNA sequencing data to improve neo-antigen prediction.